GOTHA Parma (12-20 November 2016)

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Since 1994 Gotha is the ideal city of the high antique that welcomes visitors from around the world. In Parma, November 12 to 20, back to Gotha, to reveal its treasures to the lovers of beauty.

Gotha is for Fiere di Parma has always been a challenge: Gotha in these twelve years has made an important exhibition but, in an absolute sense, a biennial arts, a gallery of masterpieces coming from the galleries of Europe, which could lead to a public Parma international collectors, investors and museum curators fascinated by the extraordinary quality and exhibition offer refinement.


When:  from 12 to 20 November 2016

Where: Pavillion 3  – Fiere di Parma, Viale delle Esposizioni 393A  – 43126 Parma


ELA Antichità will be present!

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