Passion, experience and excellence 

in the service of jewelery

I am antiquarian by family tradition and passionate about jewelry by vocation. I trained in Italy and Chicago, and at the time when I was in the US my passion was the silver, then came the jewelry. I purchased moved by intuition and fascination, but I always tried to document and check where the instinct led me. Gradually I increased my competence and my safety; my taste has evolved into jewelry that reject both the banality and the luxury end in itself. Today in my showroom jewelry thirties and seventies coexist, Van Cleef and David Webb, precious stones next to gold and enamels, austere Victorian jewelry and unusual silver, revealing a taste of surprising and receiving customers and friends by offering them my discoveries”. I propose rare and prized items for unique gifts or to add uniqueness to the environments where they are inserted. In the showroom, the surprises never fail, and small precious objects are revealed alongside other more evident like a spotlight inlaid of the eighteenth century, a set of dishes Siena